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I am looking forward to traveling cross country, visiting various military installations along the way, promoting my Giant Phaleristics. The goal is to generate an enormous buzz about my new product so I can start taking orders & getting to work on your very own Giant Phaleristics.

Military Bases, USA

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I was born into a family who was blessed with the God given gift of art. My mother spent many years of her life teaching me everything she knew about art. It was her dream that I would do with my talent, what she couldn't do... Become a successful, established artist. The Navy gave me the discipline I needed to be successful. Now it is time for me to make a name for myself, build a legitimate empire for my family to preserve & make both God and my mother proud.

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My specialties include, but are not limited to: Airbrush (on Art Board, Canvas, Small & Large Scale Murals, Giant Phaleristics, Back Drops, Banners, Automotive, Helmets, Clothing & Nude Models), Oil on Canvas, Acrylic on Canvas & Art Board, Pencil on Art Board, Color Pencil on Art Board, Charcoal, Drafting Markers, Pastels, Canvas Building, Sculpture, Rubber & Foam Rubber Latex Mask Making, Special Effects Make-up and Life Casting. Contact me today for an estimate.

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